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As some of you know, yukinoomoni has been sick for the past week or so. She got a second opinion from her doctor today--Friday, rather--who thought it might be appendicitis. At the hospital emergency room, she got a CT scanned that confirmed that her appendix was mildly inflamed.

She's currently in cue for surgery which is expected to happen sometime today (Saturday). I don't have any solid information on how post-op is going to be, but one of the nurses said that people can leave the hospital in as little as two days after the surgery to remove the appendix.
Neutral negative

The Internet Ruins Things

[01:04] Caster: I think hentai ruined me.
[01:04] daJollyMole: >_>
[01:04] daJollyMole: lol
[01:04] daJollyMole: Why has hentai ruined you, Caster? >_>
[01:07] Caster: Remember that Alice thing?
[01:07] daJollyMole: Yes...
[01:07] Caster: I asked my girlfriend's older sister who's editing the anthology for a copy of a Circlet Press book (same publisher as the Alice Anthology).
[01:08] Caster: And I just keep on thinking to myself: "Huh, Not as great as some hentai I've seen."